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Hand Poured Baits, Every Pro's Best Kept Secret

  by Jeremiah T. Bagwell

Have you ever wondered how some Pro anglers always seem to finish on the top of the leader board? Could it be because they are just that much better than everyone else? Are they just super lucky? Do they have a top secret bait? Well, they did have a top secret bait...UNTIL NOW.

The bait of the future is definitely here now. Hand Poured baits have been used for a while by some of the best Pro's on the major tours. The thing is, they just weren't telling anyone else about them. Up on stage they would mention a dozen different baits but somehow always forgot to mention the extremely high quality hand poured bait they caught their limit on. That's ok though, you can't blame a guy for wanting to keep his advantage over the competition.


Although there are a handful of companies that are producing hand poured baits, the leader of the pack is getting ready to emerge. Worminator Custom Hand Poured Bait Company is gearing up for the launch of their website which will make these amazing baits available to anglers all over the world. I am sure, just the thought of this has some Pro Anglers a little sick to their stomachs, because now their competitive edge will be reduced.

The advantage hand poured baits have over baits made with air injection molds are remarkable and clearly visible. Probably the most visible difference is the extremely lifelike look of baits from Worminator. The detail that Paul Higgins Co-Owner of Worminator, incorporates when producing these baits is phenomenal. I was told a story of a guy that actually thought Paul was using a "Real" shad during a tournament; it turned out the bait was actually one of Paul's own hand poured baits. If that isn't a compliment, I don't know what is. "Worminator hand pours offer the most realistic transparent series of soft plastics I have ever seen, including subtle lines, backbones, and even the appearance veins and gut sacks. Some even have eyes put in by hand", explains B.A.S.S. and FLW Touring Pro Dave Lefebre.

In addition to the lifelike appearance, Worminator also incorporates several other very vital aspects into the production of their baits. First is the quality of plastic used to produce the baits. Rather than cutting costs and reducing quality, Worminator opts to spend an astounding $1,000 per barrel for their plastic. The higher quality plastic is equally as important as the visible appearance of the baits. The premium grade plastic accepts color better, which enables Worminator to produce baits time and time again with the "Exact" same color match. This is crucial to most serious anglers; they expect to get the exact same color bait from every package. By having tight control over the color of the baits, Worminator is able to effectively produce many different hues. Each color can be customized during the production process to incorporate the exact level of transparency desired. Currently Worminator can produce baits in over 150 different colors. Having many different shades to choose from can be extremely beneficial. "Subtle differences in coloration can increase your ability to catch fish in high pressure situations," Lefebre explains.

Two other very significant attributes of the plastic is that it floats and it is completely odorless. The buoyancy of these baits makes them unbeatable when fishing a Drop Shot rig, a Carolina rig, and a variety of other techniques. Most other baits on the market that claim to float actually do, until you add the hook and line to them. Worminator baits can actually continue to float even with the weight of the hook and line. This will give the presentation a more realistic appearance in the water.

In addition to all these great qualities there is another angle used during the production of these baits that increase their fish catching power. The baits have Mega Strike Formula fish attractant made right into the lures. During the production process, the Mega Strike Formula is poured into the plastic before it even gets to the mold. "In reality what this means is not only is the attractant never going to wear off but it will actually become rejuvenated as the bait gets used", explains B.A.S.S. Touring Pro Rick Morris. The detail about the attractant that I found most interesting is that the Mega Strike Formula is actually made from pure proteins. This makes the attractant a lot more potent than other's on the market. The potency of the attractant is very noticeable even before the baits are removed from their packaging. Recently I received a new shipment in the mail and I could smell the baits while they were still enclosed in the shipping box. Being the type of person that likes to test everything to its limits, I decided to test the scent durability of Worminator lures. The first test I did was to completely wash the bait in hand soap. After rinsing the bait completely I could still smell nothing but the Mega Strike Formula. My second test was the one that truly made me believe that the scent is there for life. I took my same Worminator bait and completely soaked it in Listerine mouthwash and we all know that stuff can get rid of any odor. After a few minutes, I retrieved the bait from the cup of Listerine and thoroughly rinsed it with water. To my surprise, I could once again smell nothing but the Mega Strike Formula. I guess it is true, there is just no getting rid of fish catching smell of Worminator lures.

During a conversation I had with Paul Higgins, it was apparent what his goal is. He is trying give every angler the opportunity to

consistently catch quality fish. His enthusiasm was enough to make me want to hang up the phone and run to the lake to catch a lunker. "What I am trying to do is put confidence on the end of every angler's line," stated Higgins. Believe me I am already confident that these baits are going to produce time and time again. Nothing but good things can happen when you get a team together like Paul Higgins and Rick Morris. These guys have so much knowledge it almost overloaded my brain. They are geniuses when it comes to fishing and producing high quality, productive hand poured baits.

I am thoroughly convinced that front the second you lay your eyes on these baits it will be love at first site. You can clearly see that a significant amount of time is put into the design and production of all Worminator products. Unlike a lot of other big companies that are "Profit" driven, that is clearly not the case with Worminator. The driving force behind Worminator is "Passion". Rick and Paul have a strong love and desire for the sport of fishing and that is visible with every bait they produce.

If you want the edge that until recently was available only to the top Pro's, you should definitely check out all the product lines available from Worminator Custom Hand Poured Baits. These baits are sure to increase your catch and make you a more versatile and confident angler.

Read about Jeremiah T. Bagwell and other writers in our Outdoor Writers section.


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