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Ahoy There One And All!
By: Captain Smitty of the RIPTIDE

The Salmon season opened today for those of us who can fish below Pigeon Point! What a glorious morning it was for everyone! The anticipation was running high on the docks early in the morning with everyone expecting great weather. The talk was of last year's opener and how there was such great fishing and such crummy weather. There was much talk about the "wind sailor" Jelly fish (Velella velella) that float on the surface of the water. All of the old salts remember the great years ('97 and '95) when they were around and how they always foretell of a good season ahead. Even though I have been working professionally for 27 years in the sportfishing business I still get caught up in the thrill and anticipation of that first day! Setting out the line and checking out the area to see what kind of life is around. Everyone knew we had scored today at least as far as the weather was concerned. All we had to do was find some hungry fish!

And we were sure not disappointed!!!

We ran to the line and started to look at all of the bait and birds along the line but there was some jelly fish in the water there so we ran a mile further south to get out of the jellyfish. When we got all of the lines settled into the water it was not long before we had that first bite and there was a cheer that rang out across the decks "FISH ON"!!!! Steve had the throbbing rod in his hands and was deftly caressing the fish towards the boat. But this scrappy fish had mind of his own and fought hard before coming to the net where Jeff the deckhand scooped him! A resounding "IN THE BOX" was shouted out in pure joy! No sooner had that one been pinned and put in the fish box when another reel started ripping line off! Jeff was yelling "ONE HANGING' , then DOUBLE HEADER!!! But, as happens, one of them came off the hook! Well it is called "fishing" and not "catching"!!

The morning continued and everyone was getting action from hit and runs to rods doubling over and throbbing! We put the word out to the other boats and they soon were joining us in the pandemonium!

When 10:30 rolled around I had to tell everyone we had our 16 Limits (32 salmon) and we had to wind up the gear! One of my smart alek customers (yes, Jim you) said " well Smitty it took us a half hour longer this year than last year," to which I replied "that may be true but I'll have you home in half the time it took us last year to beat our way back up the coast!" Everyone laughed as most of them were with me last year for that wet long ride back. This year after running for about a half hour across very calm waters, they were all pretty much snoozing! I guess the fish kicked their butts after all!

What a grand way to start off the new salmon season!! Interested in a trip? Call 888-747-8433 for reservations aboard the Riptide!

Till the next installment of the fishing report!


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