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Using Science To Catch More Fish
  by Jeremiah T. Bagwell

For decades, science has been used in a number of different applications. Now it is being used to help everyday anglers increase the number of fish they are catching. There are hundreds of fish attractants on the market today. Many of them are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. One attract however stands alone atop the list of industry leaders.

MegaStrike fish attractant is the creation of Bobby Uhrig. Mr. Uhrig spent 9 years of his life developing and testing his science based attractant. After several different formulas had been tested, changed, and tested again, Bobby finally came up with the perfect formula to catch huge numbers of fish. Mr. Uhrig pours his heart and soul into every single tube of MegaStrike fish attractant.

The single most important factor to the effectiveness of MegaStrike, is that fish actually need the ingredients found in the attractant to survive. Unlike other attractants

currently available on the market today, MegaStrike is not oil based. The competition uses such ingredients as shad oil, crawfish oil, anise oil, and garlic extract in their products. Essentially the only thing being accomplished is adding a mask of fragrance to the baits. In contrast, MegaStrike is produced with Proteins, Amino Acids, and other Secret Ingredients. "Amino Acids are the building blocks of life", explains Mr. Uhrig. Amino Acids are needed to enhance the growth of tissue and maintain sufficient blood production levels. This fact is why so many products at your local GNC stores are advertised to contain Amino Acids. By incorporating these ingredients into the attractant, it triggers glands and receptors in the mouths of fish causing them to believe the bait is actually real. When a fish picks up an object, its natural defense mechanism kicks in, and signals the fish to spit it out if it's not food. "If fish were to eat everything they pick up, they would be extinct", Mr. Uhrig explains. "This natural defense system alleviates the ingestion of anything that does not offer nutritional value to the fish". When a fish picks up a bait that is coated with MegaStrike fish attractant the signal to spit out the bait is not sent, often times resulting in the fish swallowing the bait. This will allow an increase in the time an average angler has to set the hook. When I say "more" hook setting time I don't mean 10 or 15 seconds, I mean sometimes in excess of 1 minute. The obvious result is more hook setting time equates to an increased number of fish being caught. I personally believe that you could put a hook in a Popsicle stick, coat it with MegaStrike, and have a new confidence bait. MegaStrike believes so strongly in their ability to help the average angler catch more fish, that they offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. They also have a toll free number for customers to use, so even the call is free. It is doubtful that they will receive any returns if anglers give the product a fair shot. An extensive amount of field testing was used to ensure the highest level of quality for the product.

Before the company even opened their doors to the public, anglers on the Bassmaster Tour and the Wal-Mart FLW Tour had already cashed checks in excess of $500,000 thanks to MegaStrike. In 1999, Joel Richardson was given a sample by a friend. By using the sample religiously, he was able to win the $100,000 Wal-Mart FLW Tour event at Lake Okeechobee. Marcel Veenstra credits his ability to capture the 2002 EverStart Series points championship to MegaStrike. BassMaster Touring Pro Rick Morris is also a strong believer in MegaStrike. "Believe me, all fish attractants are not equal. This awesome protein formula triggers aggressive bites! Many times, stubborn bass have become active for me using MegaStrike. MegaStrike has what it takes to be on my line all of the time", Morris proclaims. Other very notable names in the bass fishing industry that have researched, tested and faithfully use MegaStrike, are television host Orlando Wilson and Russ "BassDozer" Comeau. Roland Martin is arguably the most famous bass angler on the planet. He too is a proud user of MegaStrike. Roland has had a tremendous level of success using the product. If MegaStrike can help these top Touring Pro's catch more fish, just imagine what it can do for the average angler.

Recently major manufacturers of soft plastic baits began incorporating MegaStrike into their products. I believe the first company to take advantage of the fish catching power of MegaStrike was Worminator Custom Hand Poured Baits. Worminator mixes MegaStrike directly into the plastic before it is placed into the molds to create your favorite lures. The advantage of this production method is an increase in the life of the attractant as well as an increase in the baits' ability to trigger strikes from fish. For example, by applying the attractant to the exterior of the bait, at some point the attractant will wear off and you will have to reapply. However, by incorporating the attractant into the plastic, it will cause the attractant to become rejuvenated each time the bait is used. Worminator Co-Owner John "Tank" Tankersley told me that an effective method he uses when fishing these baits is to take a razor blade and make small slits in the plastic. "The more a bait bleeds scent and produces a lifelike look and taste the more productive it will be", John explains. "When you combine the special ingredients in MegaStrike, with the realistic baits from Worminator, your confidence level becomes just phenomenal". It's not often that the average angler has the opportunity to speak with a guy as knowledgeable as John Tankersley is, so I would definitely take notes and hang on every word he says. "The level of science used during the production of MegaStrike and Worminator baits is unbelievable", John said. When manufacturers use a collaboration of two highly productive products, the outcome often times results in the creation of a product that is unbeatable by the competition.

If you would like more information on how to catch more fish with MegaStrike fish attractant, visit their Web site at You can also find a number of unsolicited testimonials on the site. I have been fortunate enough to talk to MegaStrike Founder and CEO, Bobby Uhrig several times and I can honestly say this man has more knowledge of fish attractants than anyone I have ever encountered in my life. His enthusiasm is overwhelming and I truly believe that he is not in the business to make a quick dollar selling an infomercial style product. Everyone was put on the planet for a purpose and Bobby Uhrig's purpose is to help everyday anglers catch more fish.

Read about Jeremiah T. Bagwell and other writers in our Outdoor Writers section.


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