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Before You Begin
Remove all the plastic covers on outside vents
Remove the air conditioner winter cover
Remove the roof vents covers
Open some windows to recycle the air

Electrical System
Check battery electrolyte level
Clean and lubricate battery terminals
Re-install battery
Plug in electrical appliances
Switch main breaker to "on" position

Fresh Water System
Drain all the anti-freeze from the water lines (using the two drain valves that are normally located under the sinks)
Drain all the anti-freeze from the holding tank
Drain the anti-freeze from the water heater (if the bypass valve was not used)
Close the floor drain valves
Re-install the drain plug on the water heater
Move the water heater “bypass valve” to "normal" position (if so equipped)
Re-connect the city water and test for leaks
Open all the faucets and let the water run for at least 15 minutes
Fill and drain your holding tank at least once

Waste Water System
Check battery electrolyte level
Inspect the termination (inlet) valves
Inspect the sewer hose and all seals
Drain all the anti-freeze from the holding tank (flush toilet)
Add an enzyme treatment

Propane (LP)
Inspect the LP tanks for damage or rust
Connect hoses between the tanks and the regulator assembly
Open the LP tank valves
Test for leaks

Furnace and Refrigerator
Clean the burner areas
Adjust the thermostats
Light the furnace pilot
Do a furnace test run
Ensure the refrigerator is working properly

Air Conditioner
Inspect for damage or rust
Clean the filter(s)
Adjust the thermostat
Do a test run

Re-install the batteries in the gas and smoke detectors and run tests
Open the awning to let it dry
Raise the radio and TV antenna
Inspect all seams, windows and vents for water damage (reseal if necessary)


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