When Sunward Industries set out to create the ultimate angler's chair, they built one of the sturdiest and most durable chairs available. It also has some features that aim to make you more comfortable while fishing, such as: Under-the-seat storage Large shade and rain umbrella Fishing rod holder Made of thick steel tubing, the chair will hold up to years of abuse from travel between your vehicle and your favorite fishing hole. On the downside, the chair is a little heavy compared to other chairs available. The chair features plenty of under-the-seat storage, which is a huge plus. I can recall many times when I've had to carry more than my share of fishing tackle and other gear. We were able to pack a small tackle box, fishing vest, camera, and snacks in the storage compartment. Just be sure to leave room for the included attachements. Sitting in the chair is pretty comfortable due to the gradual backwards slope, similar to a lounge chair. The material is pretty thick, and should resist fading, stretching, and tears for many years. Each end of the material is secured with screws, which shouldn't be an issue unless you sit down with force. However, it would be nice to see the ends wrap around completely, secured with heavy stitching. This would hold longer and look much cleaner. The chair also features a standard fishing rod holder that you attach with clips so you won't have to bury your pole in the ground or locate a stick to prop it up with. The base of the holder is made from PVC pipe, and the holder itself is readily accessible from the seat without having to reach over too far to grab the pole. This makes it handy when fish strike. The umbrella holder rests on the opposite side of the chair, and is also made from PVC pipe. On loose soil or sand, you can push the end of the umbrella into the ground to keep it stable, but we had problems keeping the umbrella from falling over in packed dirt or gravel since we couldn't push the tip into the ground. Pros Under-the-seat storage, good for fishing tackle and gear, food, and more. Removable umbrella. Good for rainy days or getting out of the blaring sun. Seating material is thick so it won't easily stretch or tear. Easily accessible fishing rod holder. Cons Heavy, weighing in at XXX lbs. Uses standard PVC fittings. Material attached with screws instead of heavy stitching. Umbrella does not stay standing in conditions like packed gravel or dirt. Not as compact as other chairs on the market. Editor's Comments The chair is most suited to anglers who plan to fish in one location for an extended period of time, such as shore or bank fishing. It's perfect for short trips from the car to the water. However, because of the weight, you wouldn't want to travel long distances with the chair. If you're already carrying lots of fishing tackle and other gear, you may want to consider making two trips, even with the storage compartment under the seat. During our review, we also found that there were some minor problems with the PVC fittings that were included with the chair. For example, some of the fittings were not cemented together when they arrived. This caused the fittings to fall apart if we moved the chair slightly. While we were able to cement this ourselves with standard PVC cement, we feel that the fittings should come fully assembled. More Information As of the date the review was published, the Angler's Chair was not yet available for purchase. As soon as more information is made available from the manufacturer we'll publish it to this page.