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Product Review: Okuma Reels
  by Jason Kelly

First let me start by telling you a little story about one of my fishing trips. My friend (Dave) and I decided to do a little fishing one Wednesday in August. I had never been fishing in his bass boat before and I was looking forward to it all day Wednesday. He had all of the equipment, and said to me "All you need to bring is a pop and a smile!", So that is exactly what I did. He had told me all about these new Okuma reels, (new to me). He said, "You get the quality of the 'higher end' model reels for about half the price." Let me tell you, he was right!

I fished with the Okuma Avenger spinning reel attached to a Shimano pole. I am not an experienced fisherman, but he has participated in quite a few tournaments, so he is teaching me. Before I met him I used whatever reel and pole I could get my hands on, put some lead weights on the line and just used a worm on a hook as bait. Hey now, it has always worked for me in the past! Anyway, he showed me how to use lures of different types, lures such as Rapala Risto rap shad pattern, Alrons black and blue 11" worm, and kalins smoke sparkle 1/8 oz jig head. Some of these took me a couple of casts to get it down, but I figured it out with a little bit of coaching from Dave.

Anyway, there we were in Dave's bass boat on the reservoir fishing for Large Mouth and Walleye. Dave had already caught a monster Walleye before I had even gotten there!

Man, work gets in the way!

He tells me to check the livewell...

My mouth dropped to the bottom of the boat. That Walleye was about seventeen to eighteen inches long. Ok, Ok, so you have seen a bigger one, but I haven't.

Anyway, we started with the Rapala Risto rap shad pattern and Dave caught four Large Mouth on it and of course he released them, because they are his tournament fish. They were around two pounds each, some a bit more, some less.

How did I do?

I caught one good sized Large Mouth on the same lure. I'm still learning here!

The evening marched on and Dave explained to me that, they had had a fairly strong wind come through there the night before so many of the fish were probably in deeper water and thus, more difficult to find. We traveled along the bank of the reservoir fishing as we went, and Dave pulled out a couple more smaller Large Mouths. I must have bounced off of every log there. Dave told me if the line tightens and doesn't pull back not to set the hook. Logs don't fight very well, but they do hold quite strongly onto lures, or so I am told. I didn't actually get snagged on a log, but it came close a couple times.

Dave started complaining, and when I asked him what the problem was. He told me that some one had moved into the spot he planned to go to next. He had every right to complain, because when I looked across the way, I saw them pulling fish after fish out of the water! Oh well, that happens some times I guess. We circled around back to were we were fishing earlier, and decided to troll down the middle of the reservoir on the way back to the boat launch. Guess what... Dave caught another Walleye!! I got excited, because my line was very close to where he caught his. I don't think they liked my bait. I caught some nice weeds though. You're laughing aren't you?

We looked up and noticed that it was getting dark fairly quick, so we decided to head back. So we did about mach 10 back to the boat launch. We loaded up Dave's boat and headed out.

I guess I still need quite a bit of practice in the art of fishing, but I will get there. Anyway I wanted to explain a bit more about the reel that I used on this fishing trip. The Okuma Avenger spinning reel was a smooth reel, but there are much better reels offered by Okuma. I'm talking about reels that the pros have used for YEARS. You may not have known it, but Okuma was an OEM reel manufacturer until only a little while ago. Okuma reels have been run through vigorous testing and abuse. I have read reviews about some of these reels having a bit of a squeak after having been drop in water and dust. All you have to do to fix that is add a dropped or two of lubricant and you're back in action. These reels are meant to last! Try one today.

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